We’re here with you every step of the way.

Having helped many clients across St Albans and up and down the UK, The Redbourn Removal
Company understands moving is no easy feat. That’s why we’ve put together some industry tricks
to help you get ready.


Relocating doesn’t have to be a troublesome task when you choose the pros. Enlist the help of The Redbourn Removal Company to manage the full process, from packing to placing your possessions within their new home. Quality and customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do, regardless of the size or nature of the job. All work is quality controlled to ensure that we continue to provide the highest standards to every client. Call us now to find out how we continue to assist customers across St Albans and up and down the UK or request your FREE quote.


  • Confirm your moving date
  • Start planning the move
  • Decide what items are staying and going!
  • If you wish to sell any unwanted goods, we can advise on where to go

  • Do you need to buy any bulky items, for example, a new sofa? There may be a waiting period for this.
  • Will you require storage?
  • Would you like The Redbourn Removal Company to take care of the packing?

    Tell us your moving date
    Arrange childcare for the day, if possible – Although older children may wish to help with the move, moving with smaller children can be stressful! To lessen the impact on them and you, we advise appointing a carer to take care of the littles ones on the day.
    Consider your pets – Consult a vet or animal professional on ways to deal with the disruption of moving on your pet.
    Organise! Take a full inventory of all items included in the move. Should you be discarding smaller items, such as ornaments and books, local charity shops usually welcome these
    Get hold of boxes and packing materials
    Pack any items you won’t need access to


    Notify your essential service providers and bank about the move. You will need to arrange for water, gas, and electricity meter readings on the day of your move.
    Ensure your landline number can be transferred or changed
    Contact Royal Mail and request your post be redirected to the new address
    Organise the disconnection and reconnection of domestic goods, such as your washer, cooker, and gas appliances
    How will your transport valuables? Make plans for pets and those special items you may not wish to load with us.
    Call us to finalise everything. This includes arrival time and date, the current and new address, and any additional information we need to know, such as where to park and if there are any stairs.


    Pack any remaining non-essential items and ensure the property is clean
    Don’t leave anything behind! Check the garage, loft, and any cupboards for belongings
    Gather any important documents and possessions ready for the move – it’s best to keep these together!
    Cancel any regular deliveries such as milk and subscriptions


    If you’re leaving the packing to us, we’ll get to work!
    Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer
    Ensure the washing machine is unplumbed and has a transit bar fitted. Contact your local plumber to help with this
    Employ a Gas Safe registered engineer to disconnect any gas appliances
    Take down fixtures and fittings, such as curtains and wall hangings
    Dissemble any flat-pack furniture. It is recommended that this is taken apart for the move
    Ensure plants are ready for travel
    Empty bins – this is your responsibility


    Ensure there is clear access for our vans to get to the property. Police may need to be called should this cause an issue for traffic
    Ensure you’re ready for the team to arrive
    Perform final checks on your property; doors and windows locked, all appliances turned off/disconnected, nothing has been left behind. This includes walking around the property and checking outside
    Give the estate agents your keys
    Ensure contact numbers have been exchanged with the removals team
    If you need us to unpack your items, please ensure the team knows where you would like everything to go
    Enjoy your new home! Take in your surroundings and don’t unpack right away, enjoy a nice brew and a breather!


    Are you looking at moving property? Trust the professionals to help with the entire process. Contact The Redbourn Removal Company today.

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